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Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc. (PSSI)

Serving the Stanford community for over 50 years


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Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc. (PSSI)

Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc. (PSSI) and the Stanford Recycling Center is a locally owned and family owned business that provides waste collection, processing, and hauling services to Stanford University.  The University partners with PSSI to reduce waste, increase landfill diversion, and move closer to zero waste (defined as at least 90% waste reduction from landfill).

PSSI offers waste sorting education and training to all groups on campus and regularly partners with staff and student groups to conduct waste audits. These events offer the campus community an experiential learning opportunity while providing valuable data to PSSI about the content of campus landfill bins. These audits help Stanford to focus its programs for the most significant results.

PSSI offers recycling, composting, and landfill collection services, as well as street sweeping, to Stanford University campus. In addition, they operate the Stanford Recycling Drop-off Center.  PSSI is dedicated to the highest quality customer service delivered with pride and professionalism. Their staff are ready to help you with your waste issues!

Contact Customer Service at 650-321-4236 or

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