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My Cardinal Green

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Welcome to your gateway to participating in making Stanford a more sustainable campus. My Cardinal Green connects you with resources and opportunities to minimize your environmental impact and maximize your sustainability efforts on campus. Get rewarded for small actions that can have big results! 

To Participate

Notice: You will be asked to re-take your survey annually every January. This allows program administrators to understand how participants have changed over time, and provides updates about your role and life on campus to more accurately target your suggested sustainable actions. 

1. Sign in and take the survey

The first time you sign in to the My Cardinal Green platform you will be redirected to a survey that helps to indicate the sustainability actions most relevant for your lifestyle on campus. Your individual survey results will not be published or shared, and will be used only to help customize the experience for you with a list of sustainability actions in the areas of energy, water, transportation, food, waste, purchasing and campus life. After you have completed your survey, you will automatically be re-directed to your personal dashboard, where you can track progress and results for the entire year.

2. Complete your suggested actions 

Throughout the year, you get to complete the actions suggested to you, and submit them for verification, including any relevant documentation. You will receive confirmation that your action submission has been received, and if actions involve working with others in your department or Sustainable Stanford, the submission will be reviewed before approval. You will receive notification from My Cardinal Green representatives as to whether your completed action has been approved or additional information regarding next steps that might be necessary to get approval. Because the program is aimed to encourage behavior change, only those actions that were completed with intention since enrolling in the program will be considered for approval

3. Receive a Reward

As you complete your actions you will earn points for doing so. Actions are worth from 2-45 points based on their difficulty; once you have earned 100 points, you are eligible to receive a reward of your choice—a $75 cash reward ($250 for building managers), a sustainability enhancing item or experience, or charitable donation equivalent to that amount. You can keep earning points after you have redeemed your incentive, and will be eligible for additional rewards as you do so. 

Who Can Participate

To login to the My Cardinal Green platform you must have a valid SUNet ID, and be either an enrolled student, or full- or part-time staff of the university, Stanford Hospital, or SLAC. At this time, the platform is not open to contracted workers or bargaining unit employees.