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Living Lab for Sustainability

Sustainable Stanford promotes and facilitates stakeholder collaboration to leverage the campus as a test-bed for innovation and the co-production of sustainability knowledge.

A Living Laboratory for Sustainability

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Sustainable Stanford strategically activates the campus as a living lab for sustainability in ways that solve operational challenges, drive sustainability innovation, and develop the next generation of leaders to impact systems change - locally and globally.

Applications in Review

       Applications are now in review for internships and fellowships. Decisions will be made by early May.

Pathways to engage with Stanford's Campus as a Living Lab for Sustainability:

  • Sustainable Stanford Internships: Dive into transformative experiences with our internship program. Here, students don't just learn about sustainability; they shape it on campus. Whether your passion lies in outreach, zero waste, or another sustainability avenue, we offer tailored opportunities with real impact. Beyond hands-on projects, internships offer mentorship and career development.
  • Living Lab Fellowship Program: Introducing our distinguished Fellowship Program, where Stanford's brightest minds meet pioneering project mentors. Fellows not only lead real-world sustainability projects but also hone leadership and change management skills, all while propelling Stanford towards achieving its sustainability goals.
  • Academic Collaborations: At the heart of Stanford’s success as a Living Lab for Sustainability is a rich tapestry of collaborations between operational and academic partners. Course collaborations, capstone projects, and immersive learning experiences for students all help advance operational goals. A highlight includes Sustainable Stanford's partnership with the d. school's Design for Extreme Affordability course, where sustainability meets innovative product design.
  • Operational Sustainability in Action:  Living Laboratory partnerships have been pivotal in advancing Stanford’s operational sustainability goals. Dive deeper into initiatives like the COOLER Research Program, Codiga Resource Recovery Center, and the Stanford Food Institute to discover more.


There are various hands-on internships across campus and Sustainable Stanford partners that offer high-impact opportunities to advance campus sustainability, from zero waste to climate action strategy. 


The Living Lab Fellowship Program provides students to gain change management and leaderships skills as well as manage a campus sustainability project to advance Stanford's operational sustainability goals. 

Academic Collaborations

Academic courses in multiple schools offer the opportunity to engage with hands-on campus projects to create impactful, operational change while in a shared learning environment.