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Summer Campaign: Give & Go

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Give & Go

Save time. Reduce waste. Donate to local communities.

R&DE Student Housing makes it easy for students to leave Stanford sustainably. Students can "Give" their unwanted clothing, bikes, electronic equipment, mattresses, and mini fridges in good condition before moving out to "Go" on to their next adventure. Goodwill barrels or trailers located throughout residential areas helped serve hundreds of local people in need, all while reducing the amount of waste Stanford sends to landfill. R&DE has Give and Go bins available from specified dates from early June to late September to support grad students who will be moving out. Bins will be available throughout summer for students who may need to return to campus for their items after departing quickly for shelter-in-place.

Alpaca your stuff, donate the rest, and win!

What can you donate?

During Give and Go, more than 100 convenient barrels or trailers in or near your residence collect items to hundreds of local people in need through GoodwillFind out what you can donate here. During move out, you can leave items like furniture and mini-fridges next to your donation barrel, and mattresses next to your dumpster enclosure, and borrow a hand cart at your Housing Front Desk for easy transport! View campus map locations.

What are some concrete actions I can take?

Here are some pointers if you're unsure of how to get involved:

  • Donate your unwanted dorm supplies during Give and Go
  • Donate your mini fridge during Give and Go
  • Donate your mattress during Give and Go
  • Donate your bike during Give and Go

Want to find out more or get involved? Contact Kristin Parineh