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It takes all of us

Welcome to your gateway to participating in making Stanford a more sustainable campus. Connect with resources and opportunities to minimize your environmental impact and maximize your sustainability efforts on campus. Get rewarded for small actions that can have big results! 

Take Action

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The efforts of everyone at Stanford – students, faculty and staff – are crucial to creating a more sustainable campus. Riding a bike instead of driving, carpooling, recycling, turning off unnecessary lights, making double-sided copies, keeping the thermostat low in the winter and high in the summer – these are among the simple but meaningful acts that reduce our environmental footprint. In coming together as a campus community for a more sustainable Stanford, we can maximize our individual efforts to achieve significant results.

Learn more about our programs to see how you can be involved, whether you are interested in high-impact areas that require targeted support, conserving specific resources, or tracking (and rewarding!) individual contributions can be tracked (and rewarded!).

My Cardinal Green

Maximize your sustainability on campus with a platform for action suggestions customized to you, and get rewards!

Conservation Campaigns

Quarterly and yearly initiatives encourage sustainable move-outs, as well as energy, waste, and water use, for all campus members.

Training Series

Explore conservation measures and best practices hands-on through our short, virtual courses and modules.


Learn more about Stanford-hosted sustainability events and our involvement beyond our school community.

For Students

More details on impactful student initiatives for sustainability, funding opportunities, and our internship and leadership programs.

Sustainability Anywhere

Find out how to reduce your carbon footprint; regardless of where you are, the sustainability effort continues.