Year In Review: 2021-2022

Reflect on the progress that Stanford has made in the past year towards sustainability, including the launching of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability and milestones made in climate and energy, waste, water use, food and living, buildings, and transportation.

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Stanford builds sustainability practices and innovation into every aspect of campus life, from operations and building to student life, teaching and research.
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Scope 3 Emissions Program

This program aims to reduce, mitigate, or offset Stanford’s Scope 3 emissions in eight categories and establish a path that other institutions can follow

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Stanford Is Platinum

among 1,000+ participating institutions
STARS Seal Platinum

Year in Review

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View milestones and progress of sustainability across all aspects of campus life in the recent Sustainability Year in Review.

2020-21 Progress

SESI Performance

Stanford Energy System Innovations has reduced campus greenhouse gas emissions 68% and potable water consumption 18%. 

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Your Sustainable Stanford

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Discover ways that you can engage with sustainability initiatives on campus and take action! 


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