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Energy demand plays a significant role as our research institution continues to grow. To ensure a sustainable campus and meet increased energy needs, Stanford has identified and implemented innovative energy conservation tactics. These tactics have advanced over the university’s decades-long commitment to energy efficiency, while upholding California’s rigorous energy regulations. In addition to reducing overall energy usage, Stanford has also made strides in incorporating renewables into its portfolio through the Stanford Energy System Innovations project.

A view inside the Central Energy Facility

Stanford Energy System Innovations

On a campus this size, one of the world's most drastic energy supply transformations is foundational for Stanford's operations.

Building Initiatives

The university designs and creates a built environment that preserves green space while using responsibly sourced materials to mitigate environmental impacts. 

Group gathered at the Central Energy Facility to learn more about Stanford Energy operations.

Energy Initiatives

Read more about Stanford's extensive action to reduce energy use in academic and administrative buildings.