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Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Maintenance

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The typical lifespan of an ultra-low-temperature freezer is 12-15 years. Properly maintaining your ULT freezer will increase its useful life, reduce temperature fluctuations, and minimize energy consumption.  

Freezer Maintenance Policy 

You can receive points in My Cardinal Green for filling out a Freezer Maintenance Policy and posting it on your ULT freezer. You can also receive points for performing each action listed in the policy. Below are some helpful videos and resources for performing some of these activities. Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting any maintenance procedures.

Detailed Webinar
Ultra Low Temp Freezer Maintenance 

Short How-To Videos 
Eppendorf ULT Freezer - How to Protect Precious Samples 
Esco Lexicon® ULT Freezer Maintenance Video 
Haier Biomedical - How to clean the condenser filter 
Thermo Fisher Scientific - ULT How-To Videos (scroll down to the bottom) 

Manufacturer Maintenance Protocols 
Panasonic VIP Eco - Preventive Maintenance for your ULT Freezer Technical Bulletin 
SU780XLE -86˚C Ultra-Low Storage Freezer - Operating Manual 
TSX Series Ultra Low Temperature Freezers Installation and Operation