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Sustainable Return to Campus

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As your group finds its way into a new normal, please consider the following sustainability tips to reduce your footprint on campus:

  • Bring reusables to the office - Help Stanford reach its zero waste goals by refusing single-use water bottles, masks, coffee cups, utensils, and dishware.
  • Properly dispose of cleaning supplies - All wipes should go in the landfill bin, and all paper towels can be composted.
  • Commute sustainably - Take advantage of Stanford's commute resources to find new creative and sustainable forms of transportation.
  • Rethink printing hard copies - Many teams transitioned away from printing while working remotely. Keep this practice going as you return to in-person work. 
  • Plan green events - Review the Cardinal Green Events Guidelines to reduce the footprint of your event.
  • Utilize surplus properties - If you need to add or remove furniture or equipment from your office, check the Surplus Sales website before throwing something in the landfill or purchasing an item from an outside vendor.
  • Power down - Whether you are returning to your normal workstation or piloting a new space, please remember to power down your electronics at the end of the day. Energy-saving power strips are still available by request.

Contact for sustainability questions or concerns you may have about returning to campus, and check this page for additional tips that may be added!