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Sustainable IT Initiatives

Workstation Power Management

With 40,000 desktop and laptop computers on campus, and 70,000 pieces of peripheral equipment (monitors, personal printers, speakers, etc.), saving energy at individual workstations can have a big impact.

Stanford’s Office of Sustainability conducted a comprehensive study on workstation power management, evaluating nine different technologies and their applicability on the Stanford campus. The study found that workstation energy can be reduced by 17% - 74%, and energy savings are likely to be the highest when an individual or department can choose the technology most applicable to them.

The Office of Sustainability can work with your department to help identify the most appropriate technology, secure funding, and help with installations. Contact to get started!

Data Centers

Stanford offers high performing computing resources for research and administrative functions. Research computing is housed at the Stanford Research Computing Facility (SRCF), located at SLAC, and administrative computing is hosted in Forsythe Hall. Both data centers rely on industry best practices to keep energy for cooling as low as possible, including hot and cold aisle separation and automated controls to maximize outside air cooling. These efforts allow the SRCF and Forsythe to perform at a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.2 and 1.4, respectively.

Satellite Server Rooms

Approximately 2,000 of Stanford’s servers are located in satellite server rooms distributed across campus. Stanford conducted a study to determine the energy efficiency of these spaces and found that the normalized PUE of distributed server rooms reached as high as 3.14. The equipment in these rooms will be supported much more efficiently if relocated to one of Stanford’s data centers. The Sustainable IT program offers rebates to departments that virtualize and relocate servers out of existing campus buildings and into one of these data centers. For servers that need to stay local, Stanford’s Server Room and Telecom Design Guide provides guidance on how to ensure that these spaces operate as efficiently as possible.


All computers recommended by Stanford IT are EPEAT and Energy Star rated, most at a gold level. Stanford’s Procurement Department includes Energy Star requirements in all RFPs, where available, and offers an exchange program for older printers.