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Implementation of the SESI program involved significant work throughout the campus between 2012 and 2015. The Department of Project Management managed design and construction of 22 miles of hot-water pipe, conversion of 155 buildings to receive hot water instead of steam, and installation of the Central Energy Facility (CEF) and a new campus high-voltage substation. View a timelapse video detailing construction of the new CEF.

This work was carefully sequenced in multiple phases to minimize disruption to campus life. As each phase of piping and building conversion was completed, that section of campus moved off steam and transitioned to hot water via a regional heat exchanger that converts steam from the existing cogeneration plant to hot water at a district level. A full transition from the cogeneration plant to the new CEF took place in April 2015, the regional heat exchange stations were removed, and the cogeneration plant decommissioned and removed to make way for new academic buildings within the campus core.