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A Living Laboratory

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The SESI project encompasses the best of both North American and European district heating and cooling system advances, with engineers, manufacturers, and constructors from both continents collaborating to develop this state-of-the-art transformation of Stanford into one of the most efficient district energy systems in the world. Aside from extremely efficient operations, sustainability features are incorporated throughout the Central Energy Facility so that it can serve as an example for generations to come. 

The Central Energy Facility has classroom and meeting space built in, so it is more than just a power plant, it is a learning center. Students will have the opportunity to get a first-hand look at the systems and technologies at work, and because the plant was designed and built for future growth and expansion, real-time experimentation could provide an unparalleled platform for innovative research and development. In fact, researchers have been conducting studies concurrently with construction to evaluate the use of PV in the facility.

With the primary goal of education in mind, Stanford regularly welcomes individuals and organizations to visit and learn about the best practices incorporated in the Central Energy Facility.