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Business Systems

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The business systems initiative in the department of Sustainability and Energy Management (SEM) addresses utilities data integration, resource efficiency, and data analytics to effectively measure and manage Stanford’s resources.  This initiative improves business processes, promotes data-driven decisions, and offers analytical tools to optimize efficiency in the campus infrastructure and operations. The program incorporates several key components aimed at streamlining data. 

Data Capture and Integration 

The systems integration project connects disparate building controls and metering systems  with the billing system to provide unified access to data and enable building dashboards, reporting, and analytics to better understand building operations and resource utilization at Stanford. 

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics create greater visibility into the information needed to run Stanford’s utility infrastructure in the most safe, reliable, and cost-effective way, and enable adept management to conserve resources. 

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management best practices enable Stanford to prioritize equipment rehabilitation and replacement needs to maximize resource efficiency.