Take Action to Reduce Waste in SRWC - and Earn Rewards!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

My Cardinal Green makes it easy for you to stay involved and reduce your environmental footprint, and earn rewards while you do! Every January, you're prompted to (re) take your survey to ensure that we can suggest the most relevant steps to help you on your sustainability path. 

The SRWC community has a number of opportunities in the next few months to showcase its sustainability skills. Especially as we're saying goodbye to single use! Join our challenge to reduce and reuse as much as possible. SRWC provides a unique opportunity to lead the way toward accomplishing our zero waste goals.  There will be plenty of fun opportunities to get involved, including:

  • Zero Waste Game Day Challenges
  • Interactive Waste Minimization Trainings
  • Tour of the Shoreway Environmental Center

Learn more about ways you can get involved and take action to minimize your waste footprint.