Stanford Slams Dunk in Zero Waste Game Day Challenge

Thursday, March 28, 2019
Two people with sign

Stanford made strides toward sustainability in the women’s basketball Zero Waste Game Day Challenge on February 9. With a crowd of over 2,300, the event generated 83 pounds of compost, which contributed to a 28% diversion rate for the event. Composting bins and signage throughout the pavilion, support from Game Day Concessions, training for game day staff and volunteers, and fan engagement and education also resulted in the recycling and composting rates.

Since the launch of the Cardinal Green Athletics program in 2015, we’ve improved our diversion baseline from 6% to roughly 30%. In addition to our game day challenge, each game we collect food donations from concessions to donate to local organizations. So far, we’ve collected nearly 350 pounds of food! Find Out More