School of Medicine Upgrades to Fairchild Deliver Significant Energy Savings

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Sherman Fairchild building was built in 1977, and the School of Medicine has suspected for years that the old pneumatic controls used for the HVAC system were partly to blame for the building’s relatively high energy consumption. In 2017, the School of Medicine started investing in upgrading the control system to a Direct Digital Control (DDC) system that allows HVAC control to the zone level. The School of Medicine retrofit half the spaces in 2017 and the remainder in 2018. The overall energy savings are estimated to be over $100,000 per year. SEM provided a rebate to help offset the cost. The new control system allowed for improvements in HVAC scheduling, supply air temperature setpoints, and adjustments in minimum air change rates in rooms that no longer house chemical fume hoods.