Residential and Dining Enterprises (R&DE) Receives Broad Sustainability Recognition

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

R&DE received several awards over the past year in recognition of its sustainable policy and leadership. R&DE Facilities received recognition from two prominent organizations for its innovative programs and management systems.  APPA awarded R&DE its Leadership in Educational Facilities’ 2019 Sustainability Innovation Award for its green cleaning program, student internship program, and implementation of a utility management software tool that helps drive data-based decisions.

The US Department of Energy Smart Energy Analytics Campaign also recognized R&DE for this utility management tool. The cloud-based tool captures complex data sets – like meals, work orders, weather, waste, and financial budgets – for better understanding of utility consumption across its facilities.

In addition, R&DE Stanford Dining received the Good Egg Award by Compassion in World Farming for its cage-free purchasing program and policy. Stanford Dining's food purchasing guidelines prioritize food that is healthy, fair, humane, and sustainable.