New Escondido Village Residences to Feature Innovative Four Stream Waste Chutes

Friday, September 7, 2018

The Escondido Village Graduate Residence—currently under construction and due to open in 2020 to house 2,400 graduate students — will feature an innovative design for its waste collection that will maximize waste diversion throughout the complex. All four EVGR buildings will feature one of the first four-stream chute systems in the country —one each for landfill, plastic/metal/glass, paper, and compost. In each chute location, the landfill chute will be located closest to the door, followed by plastic/metal/glass, paper, and compost at the far end. This design aims to avoid contamination of the compost stream for those who may not be paying attention or sorting properly. Students will also be able to get free compostable bags from a dispenser in the chute room. The four stream chute system will open into compactors for each stream on the ground floor. This area will feature a screen outside that allows students to see first-hand where their waste is ending up. The compactors are also equipped with sensors that will display on the screen how much waste the buildings residents are generating and how they are doing at meeting the university's diversion goals. Carboard collection will also be available in all of the buildings' mail rooms.