New Data Management Tool Helps Save Water

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

In 2020, the Water Planning & Stewardship team launched a new web-based customer portal, WaterSmart, that allow campus groups (such as Zones, SOM, DAPER) and individual homeowners to access their monthly, daily, and hourly water use. By providing near real-time water use and historical use information, along with leak and high use alerts, customers are better able to manage their water consumption and respond to abnormal trends quickly.

Stanford has approximately 1,800 water meters on buildings and landscape areas. The decentralized format of managing Stanford facilities leads to strong groups with specialized, specific management areas. The Water Planning and Stewardship team addressed this by creating a specific view for campus groups that allows facility managers to have access to all of the meters that they oversee in a central dashboard. With many buildings currently unoccupied during the shelter-in-place orders, this tool has been valuable for finding leaks that would otherwise go unnoticed. Since the phased rollout began in October 2019, nearly 200 leaks have been alerted. In some cases, leak repairs were able to happen weeks before a facility manager would have noticed higher monthly water use without this tool.