Kitty Lee Makes Strides in Lab Recycling

Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Kitty Lee recycles gloves

Kitty Lee is the sustainability champion for the Beckman basement. She recently worked with Stanford’s Cardinal Green Labs program to set up lab recycling, both for plastic, metal, glass, and Kimberly-Clark nitrile gloves. Five labs have already started participating, diverting an estimated 1,500 pounds of waste from the landfill annually. Kitty also ensured that lab faucets were outfitted with low-flow aerators and that the office water cooler received a timer to shut it off at night and on the weekend when not in use. However, even before partnering with the Cardinal Green Labs program, she had already accomplished a lot, including setting up bins for paper and battery recycling, turning one-side-blank copy paper into note paper, de-lamping unnecessary lighting in the imaging rooms, reusing furniture and computer parts, and encouraging reusable service ware over disposables. Kitty demonstrates that one individual can make a big difference.