Escondido Village Graduate Residences to Incorporate Heat Recovery and Green Cleaning Program

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Escondido Village Graduate Residences

The new Escondido Village Graduate Residences (EVGR) will increase graduate housing capacity on campus by almost 20 percent, while keeping Stanford in the forefront of campus sustainability. The new residences will be incorporated into the Stanford Energy Systems Innovation system, with the piping system extended to reach the new residences. This allows for five existing EVGR buildings to transition from natural gas to the low-temperature hot water system. Not only does this change eliminate fossil fuel combustion emissions from these residential areas, but it also reduces energy consumption for heating by about 40 percent. Transitioning existing buildings away from natural gas is a primary strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero, as identified in the study of the remaining Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

The new EVGR buildings, which follow stringent facilities guidelines, also includes a green cleaning program that uses engineered water to reduce chemicals. The solution is as effective as traditional chemicals, without negative environmental consequences. In 2017, the cleaning system replaced more than 350 gallons of chemicals, and R&DE avoids over $40,000 per year in chemical purchases and storage.