About Your Building: Restroom Paper Towel Composting

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Stanford's new Redwood City campus offers an opportunity  to test and innovate new strategies to maximize sustainability. One such strategy is already underway  - composting in the restrooms. As Stanford works toward its zero waste target, composting paper towels in restrooms has emerged as a key tactic that can divert significant resources from the landfill.  All of the bins that are built into the bathroom counter areas are designated compost bins. Do your part to contribute to sustainability and keep the bins as free from contamination as possible. Contamination includes things like soda bottles, used tissues (not to be confused with paper towels - the distinguishing factor being the germs - microbes DO know the difference!), or candy wrappers. Check out the Recology website for more information, guides, and resources on what bin things go in