About Your Building: Mechanical Shades

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Windows in Stanford Redwood City (SRWC) buildings are equipped with motorized window coverings operated by automated controls. The intent of the system is twofold, to create comfortable work areas and aspire to net zero energy usage. The system is designed to

  • Conserve heating and cooling energy
  • Reduce the need for personal comfort equipment (fans, spaceheaters)
  • Maximize exposure to natural light inside buildings,
  • Avoid direct solar radiation for building occupants,
  • Reduce glare in work areas, and
  • Maximize occupant connectivity to the outdoors. 

The shades are programmed to automatically adjust based on an array of data, including weather, window orientation, and GPS orientation of the building, to name a few. As occupants begin to move in to SRWC, operations teams will monitor the mechanical shades, and enhance their operation to calibrate the shades for maximum efficiency and comfort. In the coming weeks, the team will solicit feedback from your departments to determine the optimal setting for your lighting needs and preferences.