About Your Building: Central Waste Stations

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Centralized waste stations help streamline waste collection and minimize the potential for error by offering single-stream recycling. In this system, paper and cardboard can be combined with plastics, metals, and glass recyclables, making it 25% easier for you to sort your waste.  This model also greatly reduces the use of cleaning supplies needed, by eliminating desk-side bins that need to be maintained nightly. The mini-bins at your desk are intended as a temporary location for collecting landfill items only, and should not be used for food or organics that can have an odor. Occupants are responsible for emptying and maintaining their personal bins. Not only do the mini-bins and central stations reduce the need for cleaning supplies, they also help to minimize the amount of plastic bag liners needed to collect the material. Estimates show that we dispose of as many as 500,000 plastic liners per year!