Sustainability Game Day Challenge

Every year, Stanford competes against other universities, both within the Pac12 and nationally, to see who can minimize the waste impact of a certain game during the season. The Game Day Challenge takes place during one football, one men's and women's basketball game during which Stanford tries to beat out the competition to see who can reduce the most waste. Office of Sustainability, in partnership with the Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation and Peninsula Sanitary Services, Inc.,  challenge you to get involved and help show your Cardinal Green spirit at these games, and throughout the season. There have been a number of sustainability advancements made in recent years, and these games serve as a prime opportunity to showcase these efforts and be rewarded for them.  

During the Game Day Challenges, Stanford measures the amount of waste generated at the stadium and reports on diversion rates. We earn additional points for fan engagement, and encourage all fans to get involved. So while you yell "Go Card," be sure to go Cardinal Green! 

Get Involved

1. Be sure to recycle and compost as much as possible

Composting will be available throughout the main concourse of the stadium. If you've got food waste, dirty napkins, pizza boxes, or other compostable items, make sure to despose of it in these bins. As well, there will be composting available in some tailgate areas. View the map to see where.  

2. Encourage your peers to minimize waste

You can be a Cardinal Green champion by encouraging the people that you're with to get involved. We are all in this together, and can only win if everyone does their part. Let everyone you're with know about the new composting bins. 

3. Think before you drink. Do you really need a straw or lid?

 Small items like straws and lids may not seem like a big deal, but they can really add up. There are an estimated 500 million straws thrown away in the US every day! At Stanford Stadium, that amounts to about 3,000 straws per game. Be mindful with these and other disposable items, and take only what you really need. 

4. Broadcast your Cardinal Green spirit

Throughout the game there will factoids highlighting sustainability efforts at Stanford. Snap a photo if you see one, or share a photo of your sorting skills and share it on social media. Tag  #gostanford  to have it show up on the big screen during the game! Tag @sustainablestanford to be entered to win a prize.