Building Level Sustainability


Through simple, everyday actions, occupants of any campus building can directly impact Stanford's sustainability and bottom line. The Cardinal Green Office Program offers building occupants an opportunity to take action and become a leader in workplace sustainability. As part of the fall/winter Cardinal Green Buildings Campaign, participation in the Cardinal Green Office Program helps support conservation efforts across campus while bringing awareness to sustainability efforts at Stanford.

How to Get Involved

Individual office sustainability actions have saved up to 20 percent on electricity bills in some campus buildings. If all buildings at Stanford achieved the average savings, the university could save up to $350,000 in electricity costs annually! Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Sign up: Contact Moira Hafer in the Office of Sustainability to sign up.
  2. Prepare:Enroll in our free training course (not mandatory). Available through STARS/AXESS and eligible for a BeWell Healthy Living Berry, SST-1000: Sustainable Office Spaces is a fun and hands-on exploration of the options available to “green” your office.
  3. Implement: We’ll walk through your building with you to put together a personalized action plan. Once complete, submit a rebate application and earn direct cost savings.

Need additional resources and support? Trained Stanford students and staff are available to help you with all implementation steps.

Participated in Cardinal Green Office before? No problem. We would be happy to revisit your building to ensure optimal setup and identify any new savings opportunities.

What‘s In It For You?

The Cardinal Green Office Program is an excellent opportunity to connect your community to Stanford‘s sustainability mission. Realized savings may even improve your building‘s Energy Conservation Incentive Program (ECIP) performance. By helping your department conserve resources, you'll be eligible to win participation prizes in one of 3 categories with a total value of up to $2,500:

  • Outstanding Participation Award (Small Building) - Building-wide lunch party awarded to a small-medium sized building with outstanding participation performance.
  • Outstanding Participation Award (Large Building) - Building-wide lunch party awarded to a medium-large sized building with outstanding participation performance.
  • Individual Performance Champion - $500 cash award (taxable) awarded to individuals who go above and beyond to ensure successful implementation.

In recognition of the effort and teamwork involved, all building champions will be recognized on the Sustainable Stanford web portal, qualify for a BeWell Healthy Living Berry, and join the growing network of building champions on campus. Your effort will also be recognized at the annual “Celebrating Sustainability” event and featured in campus publications.

Recommended Conservation Measures

  1. “Smart” power strips.
  2. Appliance timers.
  3. Low-energy bulbs (CFLs).
  4. Delamping overhead lights.
  5. Low-flow water fixtures.

Additional Resources

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